Physio Online

Our specialist Physiotherapy team assess & manage muscle, bone and joint problems online.
physio at home with shp health

At SHP Health (SHP), to support our clients/patients, we have relished the opportunity to implement and evaluate the use of remote physiotherapy, delivered via either telephone or video consultation (sometimes referred to as “remote”, “virtual” or “telemedicine” consultation).

Dr Massimo Barcellona has been involved in work presented at the Physiotherapy UK 2021 virtual conference that evaluated patient and staff satisfaction related to their experience of using remote consultation which revealed that 96% of people rated their experience of virtual consultation as either “very good” or “good”, and that 88% of patients felt “completely” involved in their care. About half of the people surveyed stated that virtual consultation worked better for them than face-to-face consultation.

Dr Massimo Barcellona has also been involved in an expert consensus focus group run by medical doctors at the Nuffield Trust (an independent health think tank) regarding remote versus face-to-face consultations in healthcare.

At SHP we believe that patients should have the right to chose how they are seen, and that a menu of consultation types helps to provide equity of access. Hence, we will continue to offer virtual and face-to-face consultations. Virtual consultation has allowed us to increase our reach, and patients have sought our online services from different parts of Europe; we are delighted to be able to offer this.

If you feel that a virtual consultation would work for you, please feel free to book using our online booking system. If you’re not sure what would be best for you or for more information, please feel free to give us a call on 01306 640149, or email us at [email protected].

Our clients at SHP have fed back regarding virtual consultation stating that:
  • “I greatly enjoyed our session yesterday and feel confident we can make progress for the next session” (Antony D)
  • “Thank you for sending along my exercise program and various links by computer to help me get started. I found my appointment with you and your guidance very helpful” (Carol C)
  • “Thank you for this and for your help this afternoon, I found our meeting both enlightening and encouraging” (Elizabeth L)
  • “Thanks for today it was really helpful and informative” (Isobelle F)