Our Service & Mission

Our philosophy & values are what makes us unique.

Our Mission Statement...

To continue to develop as a centre of excellence for the assessment, management and prevention of musculoskeletal problems and associated conditions; delivering a person-centred, caring, professional & evidence-based service.

SHP Health is family-owned, community-focused and has its base in the heart of Dorking, on the beautiful Denbies Wine Estate.

At SHP Health, we empower people to realise their full potential through positive movement. Our consultant physiotherapist-led team of experts are here to facilitate your ongoing physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing, whether you are rehabilitating from injury or participating in our motivational classes, workshops and retreats.

We create positive spaces for you to experience the potent and healing combination of movement, mindful awareness, and engagement with active relaxation. Our reach extends beyond our physical base, providing courses and classes online and physiotherapy that can meet your needs at home.

We provide expert training and learning opportunities, networking events and professional development for the public, for health professionals and for other health-related practitioners.

SHP Health is an independent company and the co-founders and directors, Helen and Massimo Barcellona, are committed to offering outstanding person-centred services.

We always find out what matters to you. We always assess first to find out what the problem is. We use our clinical experience and expertise as a team and as individual practitioners to help you understand what your options are. In line with the most up to date guidelines we help to deliver those options and to put you in touch with additional help when needed.

We have a culture of ongoing learning and commitment to multidisciplinary continuing professional development; for those who work with us, for other health care professionals and for the local and wider community. We have a wide network of working relationships with other medical and allied health professionals to help you get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

We are continuing to develop an environment that is supportive, accepting, friendly and community focussed. As we strive to always improve what we do, we are committed to listening to the patient voice.

Professionalism and ethical practice underpin all that we do. Our founders remain the Executive Directors and have direct oversight of the varied offering at SHP Health.

Our philosophy is underpinned by our belief that every individual, regardless of differences including age, gender, ethnicity, race or religion, be treated equitably, with compassion, care and respect. Therefore, every patient has the right to:

  1. Have ultimate confidence in the practitioner they are seeing
  2. Always be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy
  3. Feel free to ask us to tailor our services in order to meet their specific needs

As informed by our mission statement and philosophy our values include:

  1. Putting the person and their dignity at the centre of all we do
  2. Respecting and responding to each individual and their needs, values and preferences
  3. Working in partnership with the individual considering their right to privacy, choice and independence
  4. Looking after the wellbeing of our patients, our clients and our team


Informed by our philosophy and values, our overarching goal for our physiotherapy services is to provide you with evidence-based practice that integrates your values and preferences, our clinical expertise and the best available research evidence.

We strive to establish what matters to you and to understand your problem. We will use our clinical experience, our expert knowledge and clinical reasoning to:

  1. Fully assess your condition and to screen for any serious problems
  2. Arrive at a clinical diagnosis that we discuss with you
  3. Provide you with information and resources about your condition and management options
  4. Deliver appropriate, high quality and effective treatment
  5. Re-evaluate and re-assess the situation, using person-specific and validated outcome measures
  6. Get you back to doing what it is that you enjoy most
  7. Formulate a management plan that reflects our shared decision making
  8. Tailor assessment and management with a focus on empowering the individual


Informed by our philosophy and values, our overarching goal for our wellbeing services is to provide you with services that reflect excellence and understand the need for variety and individual preferences. Our services seek to promote and support physical activity, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to provide you with services that:

  1. Are led by a person who is fully competent, qualified and experienced
  2. Are rooted in an understanding of the best available evidence
  3. Fully respects the individual’s abilities and the need for a tailored experience
  4. Reflect the desire for choice and for different styles in delivery
  5. Are enhanced by our professional expertise, creativity and innovation