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Our specialist workshops and retreats are directed by health professionals and run by experts in their field. SHP Health bring you a wide range of opportunities to dive deeper into your chosen topic or discipline and experience a wealth of relaxation and wellbeing benefits.

Find Yourself Again

Whether it is an hour’s class, a 2-hour weekend workshop or the luxury of a longer retreat day, the potent combination of movement, mindful awareness, and engagement with active relaxation, helps us to maintain a sense of balance in mind & body and strengthens our connection with others.

The Barn is a special place for relaxation and mindful movement. Whether you are joining us on Zoom or managing to come to a studio class or workshop, you are very welcome to join us in our appreciation of the sense of calm and ‘good vibes’ which radiate form the space here.

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My Space Retreats

A chance to reconnect mind & body with the changing seasons, a mini retreat, an opportunity to find balance in different life stages, explore different resources and to share with others. Typically, the retreat day will run from 11am until 4pm with brunch at the Denbies Vineyard Hotel. For further information, please call 01306 640149 or email [email protected]

SHP Health Retreat Lunch at Denbies
Sound Bath at SHP Health Claire Paphitis

Pilates & Yoga Workshops

Here at SHP Health, we have two main runs of physical Pilates & Yoga workshops: March to June and September to December. These workshops compliment the seasons and are a wonderful opportunity to dive in a little deeper with a teacher, or a particular aspect of Pilates or Yoga that appeals to you.  Lasting generally 2 or 3 hours, the workshops are run by our qualified teachers and by guest teachers, who bring variety to our core team. There are opportunities for specialist workshops, including Sound Healing, run by teachers with expertise in these areas.

Each workshop is carefully crafted to bring you special insight into an aspect of Pilates, Yoga or whatever the focus is. By creating more space and time to explore a subject or a series of movements, you can better engage with the purpose of the movement journey or experience.

The workshops may bring particular emphasis to a series of movements, a body area, breath practice, a seasonal or emotional focus. Whatever the main topic is, you can be sure that it will be a well-rounded experience, incorporating relaxation, movement, and mental focus. 

Come and relax in the exquisite surroundings of the Denbies Wine Estate and soak up the unique atmosphere of The Barn; a healing space which breathes relaxation into even the trickiest of exercises or asanas. The Team at SHP are experts in musculoskeletal and hence you can be assured that if you have a back, neck or any other kind of musculoskeletal problem, you can be directed as to which workshops may be most appropriate for you to enjoy.

Do see below for our most up to date list of workshops and retreats. If you are a Health professional looking for CPD courses, then please look at the professional development section of our website.

Women’s Health Workshop

Our women’s health workshop is Physiotherapist-led and particularly focused on the pelvic floor and diaphragm. If you are under confident on how to improve pelvic floor dysfunction or would like to inform yourself more and help to prevent future problems, this is the workshop for you.

Led by our experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist, this is education combined with the relaxation and wind down of a Pilates based workshop.

Engage your core – Women’s Health Workshop

Saturday 1st October 2022, 3pm

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Based in our beautiful studio at the heart of our SHP Health centre and surrounded by the peace and glorious colours of the Denbies vineyards.

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