Pancake Day..ry free

Hi! I’m Helen, Physiotherapist at SHP and total foodie!

Diagnosed with Coeliac and Chron’s disease many years ago, I went on a journey to improve my health naturally through diet, meditation and Pilates! This is my non recipe, recipe for Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes!! Nothing needs measuring, just follow your intuition & let your inner creativity flow! Believe me, these are foolproof, healthy, gluten free and most importantly …delicious! They are light and crispy and I enjoy them regularly for breakfast and as a pudding too…normally with chocolate or chocolate & hazelnut spread of course (I have a total obsession with chocolate)!

Buckwheat flour to approx half way up a medium sized measuring jug or bowl
1 egg
Milk-dairy/almond/soy etc
Cold water

Add flour to jug, break in the egg, and then either manually whisk or use a hand blender to add sufficient milk to form a thick batter, then loosen with water-a good slurp!

Fry with olive oil and/or a little butter into thin galettes.

Love to you all…until next time! 🙂 xxxxx