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Women’s Health

Our specialist Physiotherapy team lead our Women's Health Services.

We also offer

Women’s Health Pilates

Our experienced Pilates Instructors are specifically trained in teaching the APPI modified Pilates method for antenatal and postnatal stages and for women’s health. These classes are specifically designed to adapt to the physiological, biomechanical and postural changes that occur during the childbearing years. This unique combination of physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge ensures a safe, yet effective way to restore core and global strength, function and help minimise risk of injury during the antenatal and postnatal stages and in the future. Recent evidence demonstrates that Pilates for conditions such as urinary incontinence leads to improved self-esteem, decreased social embarrassment, improved normal daily activities and improved personal relationships; as well as positively influencing attitudes to exercise, diet and wellbeing (Lausen et al 2018).

Pilates 1-to-1 pre-antenatal or pre-postnatal class assessment

The 1:1 assessment is an opportunity for you to meet with our physiotherapy team before starting a class, in order to run through some health questions and get a history of your pregnancy and/or delivery and any issues you are experiencing now.

This is followed by a combination of a physiotherapy and Pilates assessment. This involves looking at your posture, general movement and functional strength; as well as a check of your abdominal muscles and teaching you how to effectively engage your core muscles. It is therefore advisable that you wear something comfortable, e.g., gym clothes, loose fitting top, leggings.

You will be taught the basic principles of Pilates and we will run through some Pilates movements with you; in order to establish the appropriate level of exercise that is both safe and effective for what you want to improve on.

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